First Haircut

Logan and I got our haircut yesterday—his first ever and my first in almost two years. I couldn’t be happier! My friend Angela did an excellent job on both of our cuts (thanks again girlie!) and I’m SO GLAD that I made the decision to just go through with it. My nearly waist-long hair now sits just below my shoulders. Logan’s baby curls have been cut from the sides and the back of his head.

It sounds awful because I love those sweet, soft little curls so much. But he still has them on top, so I’m happy. The sides and the back needed to be evened out because he had some craziness going on. I always say that he looked like one of those scary balding clowns. Yes, that was my kid; walking around town with hair like a scary character from a Steven King novel. 

I kept stalling because I was hoping it would even out on its own. Alas, that never happened. He also gets really frizzy on the back of his head where he rubs it on his car seat, the crib sheets, the floor, the cat… Now it’s shorter back there so we don’t have to fuss with that anymore. Anyone who knows Logan knows just how much he LOVES to be fussed over. J

Here is the before picture. Notice how uneven it is. It’s longer in chunks and nearly bald in others?
Here is the “after” shot.  It’s SO much better.
He does look like a “big boy” now and that, of course, is the downside. Mamas don’t like to see their babies grow up so fast. I also know that it’s inevitable. I am more proud of him (and the person he is becoming) each and every day. He’s learning manners, using sentences, and telling on the cat when he is misbehaving. He’s becoming his own little person right in front of me. 

I love who he is—even his little huge stubborn streak. He’s sweet and funny and kind. He’s a toddler now and the world is his canvas. He’s making the most of it. Logan is full of life and personality. And this new cut? It fits that little personality to a “T”. I just can’t be sad about that for very long.
I love you, Little Man. 
Always have…always will. ❤

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