Update / Favorites! 14 months

I think this has been our most entertaining month thus far. You have SUCH a personality. You are quite a little attention magnet—everywhere we go. This is sometimes good and sometimes…not so good. We are often late getting where we need to go because I have to pull you from your faithful followers. 
You wake generally a very happy little boy. From the time you wake up until about an hour before bed, you are usually all smiles. The only time you really seem to get fussy is before bed and when you’re hungry. When you’re hungry, someone better feed you. NOW. We have snacks stashed in every bag and every vehicle in case of emergencies. That sweet little baby can really turn into a monster when his belly gets to rolling.
Your appetite? Isane. Most people would never believe how much you actually eat if they didn’t see it for themselves—especially considering your size. You eat and eat and eat and don’t really gain weight. You are not underweight, by far, but one would think you’d be huge with the amount of food you consume. I have to admit…I’m a little jealous of that.
You’re trying to go to one nap a day. Sometimes you do well with just one afternoon nap, but other times, that morning nap is still needed. This leads to another nap in the afternoon. You’re getting there!
Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit this month and stayed for two weeks. You had a blast. They loved every minute of it as well. Although, I’m fairly certain that they were crashed out on the sofa for a couple of days once they got home. They aren’t used to someone with that much energy! 
We went lots of places—shopping, the Atlanta aquarium, shopping, the waterfalls, the lake, shopping…



You were a real trooper. You didn’t put up too bad of a fuss, even when you were exhausted. That curiosity of yours keeps you moving even when your body has just had it. We have lots of photos and videos of our excursions. It was a great time. We can’t wait to see them again soon. The next time  we are going to Ohio so you can see Uncle Matt. I know he misses you like crazy.

Foods: bananas, apples, string cheese, animal crackers, green beans, black beans, chicken, tomatoes, ice cream, fruit pouches, and avocadoes
Activities: bath time, chasing mama, tickling, dancing, playing the guitar, splashing in puddles, outside play, picking dandelions, airplane, pushing the yellow car around in the driveway
Things: blanket, paci, trains, cell phones, toilet paper rolls (argh), empty water bottles, play flashlight, balls, yellow car, bath toys, bubbles!, toy penguin, books
Time of day: early morning and whenever Mama, Daddy, and Logan are all together
People: Mama, Daddy, Gigi, Nana, Papa, Gama, Gapa, Juanita, Alexis, Janeli, Brenda and their family, Lassie, Amanda (He has never met you but he calls you all of the time, so I added you. He must like you a lot. Ha!)
Clothes: naked
Animals: Rajah, dogs, elephants
Color: red
Book: Baby Animals board book
Number of words you say: 62
Number of phrases (2 words or more): 30
Full sentences used: 4
Potty Training: introducing
Breaking the paci: mostly at bedtime or if really fussy
Bottles: Only upon waking in the morning / sippy cups for the rest of the day
Milk: 24 oz a day
Personality: funny, friendly, not stranger shy, whiny only when hungry or tired, goofy and outgoing
Milestones and adventures: first hair “trim”,first time in larger body of water, first trip to the aquarium, first picnic, first real sentence, first book all of the way through!, climbing onto the sofa, first temper tantrum (many since…lol), starting to groom himself (teeth, hair, washing, dressing…or attempting to do so)

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