A "Little" Reminder

Today Logansaid his first real sentence. He’s said several two and three word sentences and sentence fragments over the last few months (“What was that?”,“Who was that?”, “I don’t know!”, “Hey there”, “About time!”, “All gone”, “Thank you”, etc); however, today he said a complete sentence that was more than just three words. I consider this to be his first truly formed sentence. And thus, I must face the fact that my sweet little baby boy has grown into a full-fledged toddler.
Logan’s been fascinated by trains since he was about 10 months old and it seems to becoming more and more of a fascination as each day passes. We were outside this afternoon playing with his little riding car when he heard the train whistle from a few streets over. He stopped in his tracks and looked all around. He can see the train from many people’s houses that we visit; therefore he believes it’s always within sight if he can hear it. If you hear it, you should be able to see it, right? J He started to exclaim, “CHOO CHOO!” over and over again as he always does whenever he hears that whistle and the rumble of the train on the tracks.
Then there was silence. The train had passed. He looked at me with the saddest little eyes, put his hands up to the air with the palms upward and asked, “’Ayre did a choo choo go?” I squealed. He didn’t understand why. Nor did he understand why I hugged him so for saying it. He just kept asking the question. I finally answered. This is how the remainder of the conversation went:
“The train went bye-bye! It’s off to the next town, Buddy.”
“All don,” he responded.
“Yep. It will be back soon, Mama promises.”
“Bye-bye, choo choo.”
“Bye-bye, choo choo.”
“Bye-bye, choo choo.” J
And off he went to the next thing on his mind. This time, it was flipping the radio stations on his toy car. (He only likes the calypso channel. J) The dancing began and I stepped back and smiled.
Oh, how I love this kid! He turns 14 months tomorrow and never a day passes when I’m not completely amazed by him. I love watching his awe of the world. Every new thing (no matter how small) is exciting and extraordinary. There’s a lot to be said in the wonderment of children. Finding such happiness in the small things in life? It’s a lesson we all should learn from children. 
Before Logan, sure, I noticed the birds.  There were moments where they caught my attention and I’d sit and listen. I’d appreciate their beauty and their sweet songs occasionally. But now–now I notice them always. I notice the leaves on the trees, the wind in my hair, and the feeling of a daisy in my hand, all in a completely different way since seeing how awesome they are to my son. They truly are, you know. 
All of God’s creation is all around us. We could have had one flower, one tree, one bird to fly in the sky. Instead, look at what we have. That’s some kind of love. Sometimes we just need a reminder to pay attention to the beauty he has given to us. 
Today, that reminder came to me from a little 2 ½ foot toddler who calls me, “Mama”.

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