100% Boy. 100% Mine.

100% boy. There is no doubt about it. My child doesn’t stop moving from the time he opens his eyes until he crashes for his nap, and then he’s awake again in two hours going until he drops yet again. And he climbs. He climbs everywhere. He loves to rough house and be wild.
It’s a rare moment when he will actually sit still long enough to finish an entire book. He usually gets bored in the middle and wants to move on to the next one. He does not pay attention to the television for more than 10 minutes. ( I’m not complaining.) It’s not a matter of not being able to concentrate. He can focus on trying to screw a lid on a water bottle for 45 minutes without fail. It’s just a matter of what keeps him entertained. He is very mechanical and loves anything that he has to “figure out”. He squealed with delight when we went to the doctor’s office and he saw the manipulative center that they have in the waiting room. (He’s seen it before but did not remember.) His eyes were as large as saucers as he decided where to go first.
I love that about him. Logan is quite curious and explorative. He’s not afraid of anything. As Logan’s mama, that is as scary as it is promising. I well know that this one is going to give my heart a run for its money. He’s had several bumps on the head, a stubbed toe, and a split lip. I suppose we are fortunate that is the extent of it. I don’t want to be “that mama” that tries to protect her child SO much that he becomes afraid of anything. I let him be a kid. I’m going to let him climb where it’s safe to climb and I’m going to let him get dirty. We are going to splash in the mud puddles and swim in our clothes from time to time. I fully believe in letting children really be children. Kids are supposed to get dirty and be spontaneous. And I don’t see a single thing wrong with joining right in on his fun. My hope is that when he is 30 with kids of his own, he remembers how his mama used to dance with him in the rain.
That goes for his daddy too. Logan is blessed to have a daddy that is very hands-on. From day one, Corey has been very involved in the care of Logan. He was up in the middle of the night right along with me—feeding, changing, swaddling, and rocking the baby back to sleep. He’s never missed a beat from the beginning. He plays on the floor with Logan and is very involved in his world to this day. There’s no doubt in my mind that he will just continue to be even more and more involved as Logan gets older. He’s as great of a husband as he is a daddy and I probably don’t say it to him enough. He helps me in so many ways…more than I could even mention here. I don’t know how I ever made it through 13 years of adulthood without him.

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