True Love.

It amazes me…the love I have for my son. I never doubted that we would love him. I knew that any child that came into this family (by any means) would be loved. We have other adoptees in our family and we know no difference. I knew there was no question of love.
When Logan was born, I loved him. I was in awe with this precious, beautiful baby in front of me. I held him as often as I could and wasted not a single moment that we had together. He and I bonded very quickly and there was never any question in my heart of our place in each other’s lives. He needed me, yes. He needed a mama—all babies do. I needed him more. 
Logan’s birth mother loved him and if she would have decided to parent, he would have been well loved. However, she had her reasons for placing him. Her reasons were sound and loving and ABSOLUTELY with Logan’s best interest in mind.   Me? I waited for 10 years to have a child to call my own. 
As he’s grown, we have become closer and closer with every month that passes. He is now 11 months old and I love him so much it hurts. It sounds crazy, but I’ve never known this KIND of love. I love my husband more than I could ever say, but it’s so completely different than what I feel for Logan
We’ve heard “Mama’s Boy” or “Daddy’s Boy” often. Some people say one and some people say the other. It’s funny with Logan. I don’t think that he really favors one of us over the other. There are times when he draws to Corey more than he draws to me and vice versa. He’s as close to his Daddy as he is to me. He does go Corey more for security and safety and to me more for comfort and play, but the love is the same for each of us and he’s as CLOSE to one of us as he is the other. I love that.

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