Eleven Months.

Eleven months and such a little learning sponge! Every day is a new adventure with you–too much to even list here on this blog. You are still such a little ham and constantly on the go, go, go! But in and amidst the running, you still seem to find snuggle time (mama’s favorite). You steal hearts everywhere we go and never fail to draw a crowd. I am so proud of all of your accomplishments, Logan. You amaze me with each and every milestone.

You…run…everywhere. Why walk when you can RUN! That seems to be your motto. You still stumble sometimes because you get to going just a little too fast for what you can balance. The walking thing? You’re a true professional now—climbing is a close second. Your favorite games are “hello, goodbye”with your blanket, chase the baby (ugh), and swing the baby. You could do these three things all day long if someone would only oblige. 
You love your toys, but still are partial to certain ones. You love anything that is small enough for you to manipulate, so your magnetic animals and match-a-shape blocks run in the top two of your favorite things. You also love anything that you think resembles a cell phone and answer with a cute little, “ello”! Pretending to talk on the phone is one of your favorite pastimes, but you still refuse to ACTUALLY talk on the phone when someone is really there.
Ella, Ollie, and Dumbo are your favorite stuffed animals, but the vinyl elephant and gorilla (or as you call him, “Ooh Ooh”) are also in the mix. That blanket of yours is ever-popular and you’ve taken to your pacifier for some reason in the past few weeks. But don’t get used to it—Daddy and I aren’t going to let you form a habit—you’re almost old enough now to ditch it!
“Ice Ajah” (Nice, Rajah) is something we hear often. Rajah is getting more and more tolerant of you as the days pass. He’s starting to feel more comfortable as you become more stable with your movement. Neko pretty much just stays away as much as possible, but he’s learning. I’m pretty sure both of them know by now that this baby human is here to stay.
Eating is one of your most favorite things in the world and YOU CAN EAT. I can’t say that you favor one thing over another because you really do eat almost anything that is placed in front of you. Mama loves that you eat your veggies with no problems at all. The only things we’ve given you that you snub your nose at is cottage cheese and grits with sugar. I guess you are a true southern boy after all. Grits are not supposed to be sweet! (haha!)
Being outside is where you’d always be if given the choice. You still don’t really pay attention to the television, but you do adore a good computer screen. Simply put: If you are outdoors, you are happy. The same with your bath—they always take away a good case of the grouchies. You take your baths in the big bath now—no more baby baths for you. If only we could get you to stop drinking bath water. You refuse to hold up your own bottle, but you can sure tip that cup in the bathtub with no problem.
In just a few more weeks you will be one year old. I’m refusing to say it out loud. I’m sticking with the age-by-month method until you are 24 months old. I’m just not ready yet. You’ll grow up soon enough…there’s no need to rush it.

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