Logan Matthew Palmer—Officially Ours Forever

Last night I don’t believe that I even slept. Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Matt arrived last night and we were all so happy to see each other. I was so excited for today that I had trouble going to sleep and was restless most of the night.
You awoke this morning bright and early and right on time at 7:00 am. I heard you whimpering on the monitor and I smiled. I rolled drug myself out of bed and walked into your room and there you were, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as if it were any other morning.
No, Buddy. Today is probably one of the biggest days of your life and you don’t even know it. Daddy and I were all smiles this morning as we prepared for your big day.
We got everyone ready and out of the door just in time. Having three extra people to get ready in the morning was a little crazy insane but we managed. THANK GOODNESS the hearing time was changed because we would have seriously been late. We arrived at the court house at 10:30 on the dot. 

The staff didn’t know where to send us, so off we went on a wild goose chase all around the building. They said that the judge was busy this morning, so not to worry—he’d probably be a little late anyway. Finally we arrived to the correct place and there was the family—ready and waiting. It felt so good to walk in to see everyone’s smiling faces on your big day!
We sat down and awaited the judge to enter the court room. I was nervous and excited all at once. You just kept looking around at everyone. I think you were trying to figure out why everyone was there all at one time. It was for you, Lil Man! Just for you.
The judge entered and we were called to the front. We were sworn in and the attorney asked questions about your birth, your birth parents, the time since your birth, and we agreed to always love and care for you as if you were our natural-born child. (Our visitation was waived because we are still listed as foster parents.)
And that was that.
Short and sweet.
Just like your mama.
Everyone applauded and we took pictures with the judge. He said that in his line of work he rarely gets the opportunity to have a happy moment like this. He said that doing the adoptions are perhaps his greatest joy. J
We took a family photo and headed into the hallway where we mingled. Everyone wanted to kiss you and hug you. You’ve been ours from the very beginning. Not one of us ever felt any different. It just feels good to know that you are OFFICIAL and forever with us. I think we all breathed a big sigh of relief today…even still.
The attorney came back in with the final papers for verification of your birth certificate information / adoption certificate and we were done. We took photos and quickly headed to the restaurant for your party. We met several friends there and we celebrated you to the fullest. There were presents and cake and of course…lots and lots of love going all around.
After the lunch party, we went back to the house as a legal family—you as our son. I don’t think I’ll ever forget walking through those doors as your legal mama. I’m pretty sure I never will.  <3<3<3

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