Dear Logan, (10 months)

I don’t know that “Little Man”could BE any more fitting.  Each and every day you surprise me with the things you know and understand.  Just when I didn’t think it was possible, you steal my heart a little more.

What happened last month?  Let’s see…

9 months, week 1

You really started to eat table food as part of your meals.  There are still a few things that we have yet to give you (high allergy foods such as eggs, peanut butter, shellfish, etc) but in general, you pretty much eat what Mama and Daddy eat.  You have yet to turn down any foods except cottage cheese, bananas, and okra.  (You just don’t like “slimy” foods.)  You eat like a CHAMP now. 

It’s almost like you were just enduring baby food until you could start to eat the REAL food.  You just can’t get enough.  You’re still drinking 5 bottles a day, 6-8 oz each.  Three meals a day is very consistent at two servings each setting (6 servings a day). You do still eat “chunky” baby food for breakfast and lunch (not pureed), but at dinner you usually eat whatever we are eating…and LOVE IT!

You also took your first trip to a real park this week.  You LOVED the swing and couldn’t get enough of it.  I think you would have swung until you fell asleep.  You didn’t like the slide at ALL and didn’t care much for the bouncy car.  I think you’re still too little to enjoy those.  We may try again this month.


9 months, week 2

You started walking!!!  I knew it was coming as you have been walking around furniture for months now.  It’s really cute but I feel my baby slipping away into a tiny toddler.  You took your first steps on February 23rd at just 9 1/2 months.

[By 10 months, week 1 you are walking pretty steadily and about halfway across the open area in the living room (around 7-9 feet) occasionally.  You usually do very well until you realize what you are doing.  At that point you get so excited that you fall to the floor giggling.]

You ARE a giggler.  It’s the sweetest sound I have ever heard.  You play peek-a-boo in windows and around furniture and just tickle yourself so much.  HOWEVER, the funniest thing in the WORLD is to be scared half to death.  Nothing makes you laugh harder! 

You learned how to play “Pat-a-cake” this month and you were so very proud of yourself.  You also have started clapping for yourself when you know that you have accomplished something…and fully expect for everyone else in the room to applaud as well. 

9 months, week 3 & 4

This week you really started to really “sing along” in interactive nursery rhymes and games.  You love to play “together” now and to have someone read to you.  The little “entertainer” you continue to be.  Everywhere we go people are just drawn right to you.

You test your boundaries, for sure.  Test, test, test.  It’s so hard not to laugh when you do it because it’s comical to watch you try to plot out these things in your head. 

You chatter like nobody’s business.  Everywhere we go, people comment about how talkative you are.


At ten months old, you have a fairly large vocabulary.  You now say about 20 words, including a few phrases.  Here are the ones that we have recognized:

Mama, Dada, Nana, dog, hi, hey there, what’s that, who’s that, uh oh, gone, bye bye, bite, stop it, up, red, yellow, baba, night night, what got, what.

At your last doctor’s appointment (3.14) you weighed almost 19 pounds and you are 27 inches long.  You are a very healthy boy and you are at or above target in all of your milestones.  The doctor seems to be quite pleased in your progress and commented several times on how happy of a baby you are.  You are well loved, for sure.  Love brings happiness. 🙂

I love your personality and I love watching it grow more and more each and every day.  You never cease to amaze me.  I can’t wait to see you grow into a boy, a teenager, a man.  My love for you just continues to grow and I ache for you when we are apart.  I love you, Buddy.

…always will.


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