Pat-a-Cake, Gymnastics, and “Yes Sir, No Sir”

Logan now knows to clap his hands by himself when you start to recite “Pat-a-Cake” to him.  He gets so proud of himself and it makes my heart so, so happy.   I never tire of seeing children’s faces when they learn something new or discover some kind of ability they didn’t realize that they had.  He can’t “roll” it yet, but he knows that Mama and Daddy can, so he looks to us when it comes to that part of the nursery rhyme.  This makes him giggle and squeal because he knows we are doing it “together”.  Teamwork, Baby!  He already has this down.

We have ourselves a little gymnast, I do believe.  He loves, loves, lovessss to flip about in any direction.  He climbs on anything and everything he can.  This includes MOM.  Apparently, I truly am a jungle gym with boobs at this point.  His favorite is when we roll him backwards and flip him completely over in the air.  He fully expects our, “yay!” and if we do not respond, he tells himself “yay” for a job well done.  He hasn’t learn how to say “again” yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long.  We are going to need some B12 with this one.  He’s a true ball of energy…nonstop little tornado.  Hey, at least he’s cute and quite humorous.  We will be tired but we’ll be laughing.  I guess that’s what really counts, after all.
He’s really starting to show a “need” to please his mama and daddy now.  When he does something good (or stops himself from doing something naughty), he immediately looks back at us to see if we have noticed.  Of course he expects our praise, and we oblige happily.  We receive a perfect gift of a big smile and praises galore.  I feel that it’s JUST (if not more) important to praise your child’s accomplishments (no matter how “small”) as it is to discipline them when they are not acting on their best behavior.  It encourages good behavior to do so!  Loganis only 9 ½ months old and already disciplining himself when he’s thinking about doing something he knows he isn’t supposed to do.  Actually, he’s been doing this for over a month now, but it’s even more apparent this month.  He has most certainly learned the different “tones” of our voices and knows if we say, “Logan” in just the right way, it means that he is being watched and about to be caught.  With this he kindly turns around and moves away. 
Sure.  He is spoiled.  If he wants something, we typically do give it to him.  As long as it isn’t putting anyone else out, what does it really matter?  If he wants to be held, we hold him.  If he wants someone to play with him, we play.  Some may look at that as a bad thing, but to us…that is what loving your child is about.  That is parenting.  Logan is disciplined.  He knows right from wrong (to the extent that a 9 month old child can possibly understand).  Catering to your child’s needs and wants does not necessarily make them spoiled in a bad way.  There truly is a balance. 
We will teach our son “yes sir, no sir” and to  have a healthy respect for adults.  This isn’t to say that he will be raised in a strict military disciplinary style.  Anyone that truly knows Corey and I knows that isn’t going to happen.  We are pretty laid back and so is our parenting style.  We DO believe in discipline.   We also believe in allowing your child to be his/her own person as well. “Children are to be seen and not heard” is not something you will ever find in our family. 
Our hope is that Loganknows who he is outside of us as he grows into the man he will become someday.  Playtime is a part of that.  Cuddling is a part of that.  Discipline is a part of that.  It’s all tied together and one really isn’t more important than another.  We are trying our best to instill these things into our son and we will to any other children that we should bring into our home.  My greatest wishes for my children are that they grow up happy, healthy, love God, and have wings of their own.  Squashing a child with too strict of discipline can really crush their spirit.  There really is a fine line.  I suppose that is what makes parenting difficult.  I hope we always have the vision to see what is important and handle things in the way that will best help our children to become great people.
If only parenting came with a manual.  Things would be so much easier, right?  I suppose though that our children are more forgiving than we give them credit for at the same time.  I will always admit my mistakes to my children.  They will know that Mama isn’t perfect and that true love is not conditional.  I don’t think that admitting those things makes you look like you don’t know how to parent in the eyes of children.  I think it makes you look “real” to them.  They will make mistakes…so will I, and so will Corey.  It’s getting through that and learning the lesson that matters in the end.
As Logan’s adoption date moves closer, I’ve been thinking more about how we will be certain to let him know that because he was adopted doesn’t mean that he is ANY LESS “ours”.  I have come to this conclusion in my heart and in my mind:  Parents are the people that teach you right and wrong.  Parents are the ones that love you first and love you most.  Parents are the ones that kiss your boo-boos and dry your tears.  Parents are the people that hold your hand when you need to be lifted up.  Biology does not play into any of that.  Love doesn’t discriminate based upon genes.  I’m pretty sure that Logan (and our future children as well) will know that he is the most important person in our lives.  That’s where it starts.   Love.  It’s such a simple word in the English language.  It’s just four little letters.  It’s tossed around more often than it should be.  It’s misused and mistreated.  It’s also what binds us together as human beings, as family, and as parents and children.
It’s the greatest thing that God ever gave to us.  The ability to love is something that we didn’t have to have to survive.  Survival is not dependant upon love.  But how glad are we that we have it?  This girl?  She is grateful for love most of all in her life.  And my God?  He IS love.  He embodies the very essence of love.  For this, my friends, I lay down everything I have. 

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