So today I wrecked my Jeep.  Well, someone ran a stop sign and ran straight into me.  But all is well and we should hear something from the other person’s insurance agency tomorrow.  I was not hurt and Logan was not in the car–he was at the sitter when it happened and Corey was at work. 

The day was not going well as a whole, I must say.  This happened at 7am and it was truly downhill for the next 10 hours.  And then!

Corey calls me to tell me that………………


Our finalization hearing will be March 22nd of this year.  On that day, my son will officially receive our name and he will be legally ours.  I must say that I cannot wait for that day.

We’ve always felt that Logan was ours.  The moment we looked into his sweet little eyes and felt him wrap his little hand around our fingers, we knew that we were hopelessly in love.  He was OUR son and we’ve never felt differently, not even for one slight moment.

But let’s be honest.  It’s no fun hanging in limbo waiting for it to be final so that life can go “back to normal” for a little while.  After all, we have been waiting for what will be nearly 11 months at the time of the hearing.

No more “Baby Boy M**********”. 
No more “in the process of adopting”. 
No more “awaiting a hearing”. 

He will officially be ours and ours forever…legally. 

I’m putting in for that day off first thing tomorrow morning.  I’ll probably take the Friday after off as well because my parents are more than likely making the trip down here for the hearing. 

Needlesstosay, we are super excited.  It sort of turned this horrible day around and made me a little bit more willing to accept Wednesdays as an acknowledgeable day of the week once again.

Now.  What to wear… 🙂

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