Healthy Again! (And as Spunky as Ever)

Our baby boy is officially back to 100% silly.  He is once again all over the place and as happy as can be.  And of course, I have video.  (In case there is any doubt.)

He has also figured out how to take off his own diaper. Which, of course is GREAT fun for the adults in the house.   Because of this, sleepers with buttons may be a thing of his past.

He did learn a new word this week as well, “book”.   Of course it sounds more like, “boob”. Yeah.  That’s going to be all kinds of fun in public.  In the Bible belt.  I’m working on getting THAT on video for everyone, but I have to admit that I’m failing miserably.  Not for lack of having it around, mind you. 


Because whenever he sees the phone light he knows that I am trying to video him and THIS is what he does:

And this, my friends?  This is why I am preparing answers now for his future parent/teacher conferences.

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