Newsletter Month 8

Dear Logan,

You are now a whopping eight months old.  You’re such a big boy now.  I rarely see little glimpses of my little bitty baby that I once knew.  It seems sad….sometimes it is.  But usually I am so impressed by your accomplishments and your personality that I can’t stay sad for long.  I love seeing you change and grow.

Charisma isn’t something that you lack, by far.  You still maintain the charm that you have had for several months–but you’ve perfected it to a skill.  Such a little people-magnet, you are.  Even in situations where taking a baby may not be the best idea, you manage to win the crowd like a champ. 

Strangers are just opportunities to make new friends! You don’t act the same towards them as you do those who are familiar to you, but you still haven’t shown any real signs of shyness.  This is a good thing, I suppose.  It’s also a little scary, I must admit.

You crawl SO fast that I am almost afraid for you to start walking.  Which, by the way, I don’t see too far off in our future.  You’ve been pulling up on everything for some time now and are very stable on your feet.  I was hoping for a few more months, but apparently you have places to go!  Go for it, Buddy.  I’m impressed by your determination.

Food isn’t something that you hesitate to experiment with by any means.  You still don’t eat as much as Mama would like, but you will eat almost anything that we put in front of you if you are hungry.  The only things you’ve turned down are cottage cheese and bananas.  You still don’t like bananas, only banana-flavored things.  I guess it’s a texture thing.

New foods this month were:  white potatoes (only if seriously creamed will you eat these), blueberries, kale, lentils, and cheese!  We have finally convinced you that five 6-oz bottles a day are the way to go.  It took some doing, but in month seven you finally decided that 30oz a day was worth the effort.  You are also feeding yourself your bottles most of the time without assistance.  Yay!

You say “mama, dada, hi there, ba ba, yeah, what’s that, and bye bye”.  Okay, so the “hi there” sounds more like “ha dey” and the “what’s that” sounds more like “uh tat”, but close enough. 🙂  We know what you’re saying, and that’s all that matters, right?

You shake your head no and you give kisses like nobody’s business.  Hugs are second best, but you give them freely.  You still like to snuggle up to a warm cheeck whenever you have the time.  I love that you still find lots of it to spare despite your busy, busy world.

You love to dance and entertain.  You wave goodbye when you feel like it and you still hate your socks and shoes.  It is quite common for you to go into the carseat with both and arrive to our destination to find you in the back with bare feet.

Growling seems to be your speech pattern of choice.  We lovingly refer to you as our “zombie baby”.   To you, it’s pure comedy.  It gets lots of attention from others, so I suppose it’s working for you!

You have outgrown many of your 12 month sleepers, but there are still several that fit you.  It all depends on the make/brand.  Mostly you wear 9-12 month tops and 9 month pants going into your eighth month.  Size 2 diapers still fit you well.  Thank goodness for that, because we have almost three boxes still waiting for you in your closet.

Computers never cease to amaze you, as does anything with a screen and buttons.  In fact, you’d prefer a computer to any of your toys, if someone let you at it.  Toys do interest you more now.  Your favorites are your puppy “Scout”, books, links, your pretend CD player, and your abacus box. 

 Yesterday you grabbed my face with both of your hands, smiled at me, said “mama” and kissed me with all of your might.  I think that may very well go down as my favorite “Logan moment” ever, to date.  My heart just melted in my chest.  I could go on forever about my love for you.  There just aren’t enough words.  You are my little love bug, my ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, and my daily inspiration. 

Hugs and love forever,

Mama ❤

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