A City of Old and a Trip to the Island!

What happens when Daddy has training in Savannah?  Off we go for a MINI-VACATION!  We arrived on Tuesday evening and quickly settled into our hotel.  (We stayed at the Hilton DeSoto on E. Liberty Street, which I very highly recommend.  They have the best customer service ever, it’s very cozy, and it’s in a great location.)  We were starving so we loaded up the babe and headed out to grab some dinner.

We walked down to the Mellow Mushroom where we relaxed and nestled into the city as we sat outside in the breeze (the weather was just PERFECT that night).  Logan had his first taste of tomato bisque that night.  He was quite impressed with it, might I add.  The kid has great taste.

The next day was rainy and dreary.  Personally, I’d be completely up for a long walk in the rain, but Logan had his first cold a week prior, so we didn’t weren’t taking any chances.  We sat on the terrace for a little while in between rain showers and pointed at the trees and the cars passing by. 

It was SO nice just to have an entire day to relax my little love.  SO Logan and I spent our first “real” day in Savannah inside of the hotel room.  But we weren’t complaining.  We snuggled and played all day long.  It was a great day.

By late afternoon, the rain had stopped falling.  Corey was out of class and we were anxious to explore a little.  So we were off!  After some searching, we landed on River Street.  We had dinner at The Shrimp Factory before heading back to the hotel.  River Street is something we will definitely check out more on our next trip.  It was getting late and Corey had to get up early in the morning. 

Thursday brought sunnier skies and more Mama/Son bonding time.  Off we went to see this glorious city of old!  I instantly fell in love with this city.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a city with more beautiful buildings and such lovely  history.  The people?  AMAZING.  Each person we met was more kind and more curteous than the one before.  Crazy.  I’d move there just because people are genuinely NICE. 

I love Philly.  It’s near and dear to my heart for many, many reasons.  And as much as I hate to admit it, Savannah, Georgia has Philly beat.  Totally.

LOVE these windows.
Street View
Forsyth Park
Fountain at Forsyth Park
The Armstrong House
Street View–cobbled roads and spanish moss ❤
“Fountain of Youth”

Thursday night we all went out together for another walk–we walked until the sun went down.  That’s when we really saw this beautiful city at night.  Turns out it was just as impressive at night as it was in the light of the day.

Talmadge Memorial Bridge
Ivy Wall with Iron Gate ❤
Lucas Theatre
Even the apartments are lovely.

I  haven’t seen one of these in YEARS!

Of course, you can’t go to Savannah without visiting Paula Dean’s “Lady & Sons” if you’ve never been, so that was where we headed for dinner.

It was good…we just ordered the buffet, but the platters were probably better.  I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be, to be honst.  However, the sweet potatoes and the banana pudding were AMAZING.  Logan concurs…

Friday morning was bittersweet as it was our last day there.  We sat outside for a little while, but most of the morning was spent packing and getting ready to leave.  We headed out of Savannah with slightly broken hearts early Friday afternoon.

But we couldn’t be sad for long!  Corey had surprise plans to take us to TYBEE ISLAND!  (Daddy just scored major points.) We arrived on the island and quickly settled into a hotel so that we could take the baby to the BEACH!  We were so excited to see his reaction–we were just beside ourselves.

It was pretty chilly outside, so we had the baby quite bundled.  This is the first time he laid eyes on the beach and the ocean.  He was in AWE…complete awe.  I love watching him see the world for the first time.  It really is one of my favorite things about motherhood. 🙂 

Oh!  He also started crawling up on all fours this weekend because he didn’t want his belly to hit the sand.  Which, of course, means he goes even FASTER.  Yikes.

First Glance
Soaking it in…
Ocean Breezesssss ahhhh

We ate at The Crab Shack (my favorite!) and settled in crashed for the night.  Saturday morning we pulled ourselves out of bed for breakfast and headed to the pier.  We walked the beach for a while and went into some of the shops.  We only stayed until about 2:00 pm as we had a long trip ahead of us (6 hours).  We also had to pick up Daisy and Shelby who were pretty homesick themselves.

We had a great time.  This was officially our first vacation as a family (with just the three of us).  We already have plans to go back this summer when it’s warmer (eeeek!) and Logan is walking.  We can’t wait to see him running around in the water.

It was a great week.  We head back to work tomorrow, but I have a feeling things are going to be much better.  It was a well deserved and well needed break.

Oh, and…I could totally be a stay at home mama!  🙂

2 thoughts on “A City of Old and a Trip to the Island!

  1. Such a beautiful beach. Pic of him with his name in the sand is great. I'll have to remember how beautiful it is there if an opening ever comes up for us to move there.

  2. It really is a lovely beach! It's much, much nicer than Myrtle, which is where we usually go. Jekyl Island is nice as well, so I hear. I haven't been. It's next on the list! Savannah is absolutely gorgeous. I can't even desribe it in words and pictures (no matter how pretty) do not do it justice! And the people? JUST AMAZING. I've lived all over and been to manyyyyy cities and I've never met people as genuinely nice as they are in Savannah. It's UNREAL. LOL I'd move there in a HEARTBEAT given the opportunity. 🙂

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