Newsletter Month 6

Dear Logan,

Half a year / 26 weeks / 190 days / six months.

However I think of it, it seems impossible that it has come!   Oh Logan, I loved you while you were still in the womb of your birthmother.  I loved you even though I knew there was a chance that you wouldn’t come to be ours.  I took that chance with my heart. The same heart that I felt my swell in my chest the first time that I held you in my arms.  I squeezed you a little tighter the day that we were all finally home.

Your personality is in full force.  You remain the snuggle bug that I adore.   That sense of humor you have never ceases to amaze me.  I am SO happy that you have that.   It tickles me so much to see you understanding why things are funny. Things that I never would have thought you understood just yet. You squeal with delight and excitement and it makes my soul smile.  You seem to really understand things that I’m not sure an infant of your age should understand.  I don’t know, I can just see it in your eyes sometimes…you just know.

It’s so funny to see your daddy and I in you.  You have so many of our little traits.  I watch how you move your hands and I know that you picked that up from watching Daddy. You’ve always been just fascinated with Daddy’s hands.  You sit like him and you have picked up on his sighs and his little “lean”.

I see many of my own facial expressions in you as well.  I love to make you laugh, not only because your little giggle is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard, but because when you belly laugh you tilt your head and move your eyes just like Mama.  I love it.

You now say, “hi” and “mama”.  You don’t say “hi” as often, but “mama” has become a constant in your vocabulary, as are the raspberries.  Yes, you have begun to incorporate those into your “sentences” as well.

“Mama ba ba na na ya na ba pa (raspberry) ba ba ya na mama.” *smiles*

You are ALMOST crawling now.  We (your doctor included) thought that you would really be doing it by now, but you learned how to roll and have been perfectly content just rolling around to get where you are going. You have had the strength for a while–you were pulling yourself up to your hands at just two months old.

You do pull your entire body with your arms more and more now–it’s entertaining to watch.  Standing seems to be more important to you.  I think you want to walk instead of crawl and although it wouldn’t SHOCK me if you decided to skip crawling altogether, I really hope you don’t.  The other day you did lift yourself up into the position and attempt to move.  You stayed in that position and rocked for about 10 seconds and decided to roll over and get the toy the easy way. 

This week you outgrew your 6 month sleepers and bypassed the 6-9 month sleepers altogether.  You are now wearing 9 month sleepers.   Didn’t I tell you to slow down?  I can’t get over it when I look at your newborn sleepers.  Gosh.  I’ve always heard the phrase “time flies”, but I swear it passes even faster since you came along.

You absolutely LOVE your bouncy activity center and it’s a good thing that the legs are fairly snug in that thing because I’m certain you’d fly right out of there.  The faster you can bounce, the better.  You don’t like to stay in there for very long, though.  It’s on to the next thing with you, Little Man.

I can imagine that we are in for all sorts of fun when you do learn how to walk. 🙂

Formula, oatmeal, applesauce, avacado, bananas, and sweet potatoes–that is what your diet consists of these days.  Well, you loved the sweet potatoes, but we had to take them away because your ezcema broke out like crazy. We’ll try those again later.  In a few weeks you will start carrots, but I think we’ll start another veggie either this week or next. YOU LOVE TO EAT.  It amazes me how much oatmeal you can put away.

You eat a 6 oz bottle around 6am, a 4 oz bottle and food at 10am, a 6 oz bottle at 2pm, a 4 oz bottle and cereal at 6pm, and another 6 oz bottle at 10pm.  Sometimes you have another cereal snack at 10pm, depending on how quickly you eat that bottle. 🙂 You also have been awakening at 4am asking for a 4oz bottle for about three weeks now. I’m hoping this is a phase that ends soon.  Daddy hopes so as well because as he is usually the one that gets up with you for that feeding.

You love to be tickled and to play one-on-one.  I think those are your favorite moments.  You like to be the center of a crowd, but you aren’t really “yourself” in groups of people either.  Always a friendly and happy baby, it’s something that probably only Daddy and I notice.  You don’t show your “true colors” as you do at home.  I know this is normal, but it is so funny to see how you adjust in different situations and environments. 


Music seems to interest you more and more.  It’s quite common these days to hear you singing along with the car radio or stopping whatever you are doing to listen to the music on the television.  Living in this house, I’m sure you will have an appreciation for music.  You’ve always loved it, but you are really taking notice of the songs in the “background” now–it’s so sweet to see.

My sweet boy, you brighten my every day with your smile.  That first smile that I get in the morning when you first lay eyes on me and the one that you give me when you come home every day?  Those are the highlights of my day.  Your giggle and your hugs are just extra bonuses for Mama (and for Daddy as well, of course).  Our home is such a lively place now.  It’s probably the most incredible feeling in the world.

I’m so happy and so blessed to be your mama.  I used to dream about these days.  I don’t think that I could have imagined the reality.  I’m eternally grateful for every step that let us to you, and you to us.  Life?  It is very, very good.

Love always,

Mama ❤


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