Waiting. Again. (Or should I say "still"?)

We still have not heard anything at all from the state in regards to home visits to precede the court hearing.  It worries me so much because I just well…I want this adoption to be finalized.  We wholeheartedly feel that Logan IS ours already.  He has been since the day those papers were signed.  I think that it’s just the peace of mind that it will bring to know that it is FINAL.  To have his name legalized and to see it in writing will bring so much peace and happiness to our entire family.

Some states finalize in a matter of just a couple of months.  Georgia is slower.  Logan turned four months old this month and we haven’t heard as much as a single call or an email in regards to any movement on this adoption whatsoever. We ALMOST missed the 60 day response to where his birth mother could have had him back. 

We made it on that very day—because my husband kept asking the attorney about the situation.  It was rushed like crazy. (Upon signing, the birth mother has to choose to place him through an adoption agency, place him into foster care, or receive him back if it is not taken careof within this period.  She chose to have him back should this happen.  It also covers things such as if the adoptive parents decide that this is not what they want to do, etc.)

I don’t know why it takes so long in Georgia, but apparently it is common.  Most of the families that I know that have adopted from Georgia have experienced long wait times.  This seems to be a nightmare that will not end.  (Enter flashbacks from a 3 ½ year wait for adopting through foster care.) 

Corey talked with the attorney this week and they asked if the state had contacted us as of yet.  They are going to try to “light a fire” under the state to see if it can be pushed any faster.  We aren’t holding our breath.

In other news…

Our caseworker with DFCS emailed this week to let us know that we  need to schedule a visit.  They don’t know about Logan.  We haven’t heard from them since March and we have been in a whirlwind since we first heard about the possibility of Logan becoming ours that we haven’t told them.

This ought to be interesting…


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