Baby Food!!!

“I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it...”

I think he may be ready soon!  In one week, my baby will be four months old.  It always amazes me how quickly a month passes now!  We have decided to start introducing baby foods to Logan at four months.  He is highly interested in “real food” and seems to be tolerating the cereal with no problems at all.  (For those of you that read this blog and do NOT know, our doctor suggested adding cereal to his bottles to calm his acid reflux issues.)  We have only been putting cereal into his last bottle of the night ONLY so far because that is when the reflux was the worst and it DID help to combat that problem.  This week we are going to be putting it in every bottle as he is spitting up more and more since he’s started drinking more ounces at one time. (He’s now eating 6 ounces.) 
I did think at first he was over eating.  However, he has never been a child to eat more than what he needed to become full.  If we stop him at four ounces he is still very hungry.  He probably SHOULD be drinking 6 ounces+ at each feeding by now, so I truly do not believe that the spitting up is coming from his drinking too much, but that drinking more is causing more reflux.  We’ll see if adding the cereal (and making each bottle a little “thicker”) at every feeding helps.
Since he will be getting a good amount of cereal this way, I don’t know that spoon feeding cereal is really necessary, but it will be our first start at baby foods.  We will probably add applesauce from there—at least this is where we are going to start.  He’s been watching us eat and pretending to chew for well over a month now.  We are about to see if all of that practicing has paid off!  Here goes nothing, Little Man.  J

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