Newsletter Month 3

Logan – 3 Months

Dear Logan,

It blows my mind whenever I even think about you being three months old already.  You have really become attached to your Mama and Daddy, recognizing our voices and faces from afar. You get so excited when you hear or see us in the room. Of course, this makes us feel on top of the world!
You have become SUCH a little flirt and will happily turn on the charm for anyone and everyone that stops to give you any attention at all. Of course, you are as cute as a button so Mama and Daddy are meeting lots of strangers. Our 20-minute trips to the grocery store have now turned into 45-minute trips because of this. Thanks, Nugget.
But I can’t complain too much—I love that you are so social and hope that you hold onto this quality. I think it’s great that you feel comfortable interacting with others. You really draw people in with those big brown eyes and sweet smile. (We aren’t even going to mention those darling dimples.)  I want for you to use that charm of yours for the good.  I know that someday you’ll use this in attempt to get your way.  There will be few times in your life that I wish for you to fail, but this will be one of them.
You are attempting to crawl but you just can’t figure out how to get your legs to cooperate with your arms. Now, if “want to” was all that it took, you would have been crawling last month. You just recently started to push yourself to your hands instead of your forearms.  When we stand you on your feet (this is your favorite thing to do) you walk right along like a champ. As much as you kick those little legs of yours when you are sitting down, we will be in trouble when you soon put the two of those things together.
Note to self: Invest in baby gates.  Soon.
Chatter, chatter!  You absolutely LOVE when people talk to you. You’ll just talk and talk back to them as if you are having a real conversation. I’m sure that you think you are. You’ll sing with Mama but you really like to take turns singing. Sometimes it seems like you are copying my sounds / sing-song, but I’m sure it’s coincidental.  Coincidence-schmincidence.  It’s totally cute either way.
I know that I’ll remember these baby sounds forever. They are just music to my ears.  I’m sure that someday I’ll ask you to stop talking.  But for now, it’s sunshine on a rainy day.  (I’m pretty sure that all of this chattering is going to be my payback for years of talking my parents’ ears off. So be it. If that’s all of the punishment that I get for my antics as a child, I’m doing well.)
Dear Logan,
This week you’ve even started singing with the radio while we are in the car. You aren’t as fussy in the car as you used to be. I think that you know if you can still hear us, we aren’t that far away.  If Daddy and I go too long without talking, you squeal at us just so that we’ll respond. Once we do, you are just fine. You have lots and lots of little “quirks” that we have figured out. Watch out, Little Man.  We may be onto you.
11.8 lbs and 22 ¾ inches.  That’s how big you were at your two month doctor’s appointment (9 wks).  You are still little, but you’re getting there!  At birth, you were only in the 10th percentile.  You’ve jumped to the 50th percentile in weight and height in just two months.  That’s great progress!  The doctor said that the current stats are a reflection of how well you are eating and being cared for since birth.  That made Mama and Daddy feel great.  You’re such a little Butterball now with folds and fat rolls in all of the right places.  This makes Mama so very happy. (Mama DOES love fat babies.)
Shots were on the agenda for this appointment.  I think it may have been just as hard on me as it was on you.  You didn’t do too badly–you only cried for a minute or two.  As did I.  There was a little fussiness and soreness that night, but all-in-all you did well.  The day after your shots, you had some tummy troubles, but it quickly resolved itself.  We just cuddled you all day long and you seemed to be just fine.

I haven’t placed you into your crib just yet.  Now that you are officially three months “old” I suppose it will just have to happen.  I admit it, I’ve been stalling. I do like having you close, but I think that you will probably sleep better on your crib mattress, so I guess the time has come. Sigh.  You’re growing up too quickly.

You want to play with toys now and you are just starting to figure out how to get them in your hands and keep them there.  You are so determined.  You sit in your seat and talk to the toys on your toy bar and try to grab those little plastic animals as best as you can. You just start frowning and growling at the toys. Because you know, they talk badly to you…that turtle, in particular.  Sometimes you tell on that turtle to the lion and he always has your back. 
Here you are telling the lion how horribly that turtle was treating you!
About a month ago, I noticed something strange about your tongue and I was afraid that you were tongue-tied.  Your pediatrician agreed, soooo “The Palmer Family” took a trip to the ENT this month to have your tongue clipped.  (Daddy and I wanted you to have this done while you were still little = no putting you totally under anesthesia and no speech patterns to re-learn.) 
It was hard on you, but it wasn’t exactly a great experience for Mama either.  You actually seemed to do very well and came home in good spirits.  I think that the worst part for you was the whole “strapping you in” part of the process.  There was a little fussiness for about half an hour that night when the anesthesia started to wear off, but nothing major.  Bottle feedings have gone from about 40 minutes to 15 minutes.  That was a bonus for Mama and Daddy. 🙂
That pacifier is still your BFF, but if it’s not nearby, in goes your hand.  We were really trying to avoid this habit, but I’m afraid it’s inevitable.  You have recently started putting anything that you can get your hands on right into your mouth.  I guess since you’ve got full action of that tongue, you are all about using it.

You eat 3-4 ounces every three hours.  Every now and then you surprise us with 5 ounces and go for a four hour stretch.  Your sleep patterns still seem to revolve around your eating patterns with no “long stretches” thrown in.  There have been a few times that you’ve slept for five hours at a time.  That was lovely. 🙂

So far you have managed to wear all of your clothes at LEAST once before you outgrow them.   I think you’ve actually worn all but one outfit a few times before you just couldn’t fit into it any longer.  You mostly wear 0-3 months clothes, but are leaning more to the three month sizes now.  I’ve had to pack away an entire box of your clothes already!
I couldn’t believe it when you laughed out loud for the first time a few weeks ago, Nugget. You spit up on Daddy and smiled. I thought it was just hilarious and started laughing hysterically. And that’s when you did it…your first “LOL”. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again—it was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.
The expressions you make keep me in stitches.  I’ve never seen an infant that was so expressive, and I’ve been around a lot of infants! You are quite the character and absolutely chock full of personality. You have made us so full of life, Logan. Even the smallest moments seem to be so important now.
And as much as I love the time that we spend talking, singing and playing together, I still love our “snuggle moments” best of all. Sigh. I know that they will be short-lived.  Very soon you will be seven years old and, “Eww, MOM!” will be screaming from your lips whenever I get too close. So, I’m soaking in each and every loving cuddle and hug that you give to me until then. 

And don’t you think you can get off that easy, Buddy.  I’m as stubborn as they come.  I’m still going to steal them when you are seven—even if I have to pin you down and listen to you squeal.

Love Always,

5 thoughts on “Newsletter Month 3

  1. Thanks! (I think?!) LOL! I do one of these every month. 🙂 I tend to tell little stories here and there but always recap each month!I can't believe it has been three months either. It truly seems like just one month, if that. It's INSANE how time flies. We are doing great! The little guy? He is our greatest joy. 🙂

  2. oh my sweet goodness- that second to last picture and reading you say his first laugh was the sweetest sound- i think my video of malachi's is still on fb and i really believe i wrote just about that same thing when i posted it :)rachel v

  3. What a gorgeous little man!! I love reading your blog. 🙂 Oh, and don't stress about the cuddling going away….I have an only child and he's 14 and still will cuddle every once and awhile. There's hope!!

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