Happy Little Trees? No Way.

Some people have such sweet stories of their baby’s “firsts”.   We’ve all heard those stories.  You know of the kind.  Those lovely little “sunshine-and-rainbows” kind of stories that make your heart turn to mush and are quickly followed by a familiar high-pitched “awwwhhh”! 

This is not one of those kind of stories.

Logan’s first real (intentional) smile was at 4 1/2 weeks old.  He smiled when I sneezed and nearly blew my eyes out of socket.  It was a big, open smile…dimples and all.

His first intentional vocal sound was nearly a week later.  He squealed when the dog chased the cat over the sofa and let out an ear-shattering scream.  Logan apparently felt the need to reiterate.

This weekend Logan laughed out loud.  And as true-to-form as he can get, it was perfectly on cue.  Corey had just finished feeding Logan his bottle and laid the baby on his stomach…chest-to-chest.  Logan was as happy as can be.  He was just singing away. 

I came into the living room to tell Corey something and rounded the sofa.  As I’m telling Corey whatever it was I needed to say (I can’t even remember now), Logan pulled up his little head and hurled his bottle all over Corey’s neck and t-shirt.  And when I say “hurl”, I mean HURL.  This in no way could be considered a “spitup”.  It was record-breaking, I’m sure.  I laughed so hard that I had to cross my legs.

And that’sssss when it happened.  The sweetest little laugh I ever did hear. (This is as close to rainbows as we get in this house.)  Which, of course, made both of us burst into even more laughter. 

If this isn’t perfect Palmer timing and behavior, I don’t know what is.  It seems this baby has made himself a bona fide Palmer. 

But God help us.  We may be in for a crazy ride. 🙂


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