Newsletter Month 2

Dear Logan,

Today you are officially two months old.  You outgrew your newborn diapers last week and since that day I’ve had to pack several of your newborn outfits (including your “bring home” outfit).  It’s a heavy feeling in my heart–time is flying by right before my eyes. 

It seems like (literally!) you were born just a few days ago.  Yet here you are, our round little butterball, growing every day.  I’m telling you…YESTERDAY you were able to fit into the crook of my arm.  Okay, maybe it was a couple of weeks ago, but who’s counting.

Your two month doctor’s appointment is next week and we will know for sure how much you’ve grown.  I’m guessing you’ve grown several inches and I believe you are 9-10 lbs now and about 21+ inches long.  I wasn’t going to go to this appointment, but I couldn’t think of NOT being there either.  It may be a control issue.  You’ll get used to that.

Daddy put together your crib and your dresser/diaper changing table about two weeks ago.  I haven’t had the courage to actually let you sleep in there yet.  You look so tiny in that big bed, and Mama isn’t ready for her baby to be across the hall just yet.  It’s the bed you’ll have until you leave us to go out on your own. 

Ummm…stop right there.  We are not going to even think about that just yet.

But along with all of these things that make my heart break a little, it swells right back up with all of the milestones you are having.  You smile quite often now…and on purpose.  🙂  You love to be on your feet and can actually pull yourself up from a seated position.  Okay, okay.  You do need a little help getting started. But once you are on your feet, you do push yourself up the rest of the way. 

I thought that your doctor was out of her mind when she told us that you “may very well be crawling by four months”, (because of how strong you are) but I’m beginning to see that it may be possible.  You can now hold yourself up and support your upper body by your arms.  As a matter of fact, you were doing just that this morning as Mama and Daddy were getting ready for work.

You are so aware of everything.  You’re starting to really enjoy your little world.  You didn’t know until a few days ago that there were so many things to see!  You are actually looking across the room now (mostly you stare at the doorknob and the picture frame) and you get so excited when you hear familiar voices near you.  You’re becoming a little more independent now–you hated being by yourself SO much until just a week ago.  Within the last week, you have really started enjoying time to yourself.  This is much appreciated by Mama and Daddy…and the house is looking much cleaner! 

You finally noticed the cat about two weeks ago.  The first stare down between you and Rajah lasted over 45 minutes.  You thought he was amazing.  You tried to talk to him but you’d scare yourself whenever you’d squeal.  He wasn’t as thrilled with you, but we didn’t let you know.  We let you think he was there just for your entertainment.

You cried real tears one day last week when your belly was hurting really badly, Nugget.  I sort of lost it.  Don’t do that again.  We seem to have that constipation problem under control.  Here’s hoping you keep up the great timing of letting those things happen at the baby sitter’s house.  (heehee)

Your favorite time of day is cuddle time in the bed with Mama and Daddy once we are all home at the end of the day.  This is when you are the happiest.  Sadly, it usually doesn’t last as long as you’d like due to dinner, baths and other daily nonsense.  I must admit—I think it’s Mama and Daddy’s favorite time of day too.

I’m sure that there are going to be so many more moments this month that will make me shed tears of sadness.  But there will be so many more moments where the tears are happy, my breath escapes me, my face won’t stop smiling, and my heart swells with joy.

You are such a blessing to us and to our entire family.  Our world is so different now.  Your Daddy and I were happy before you came along.  We didn’t think that we could be any happier.  But you know what?  I guess life is tricky in that way.  Happiness can always grow–especially when it’s shared.  We are sharing our lives with each other.  We needed you.  You needed us.  Sometimes the angels show up to guide us right to the perfect place.

Logan Matthew–2 months

Love you always,

Mama ❤


4 thoughts on “Newsletter Month 2

  1. Awww! I love it! He's definitely growing up, but praise GOD that they grow up and we do not have to endure the opposite. It's really bittersweet. He is the most adorable 2 month old in the WHOLE WORLD!

  2. That's really true! I didn't think that I'd be THIS sentimental about every little thing. But I guess when you wait four years for a child, you cherish EVERYTHING.And thank you–we think he's pretty special. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Anna. 🙂 I wish that you could snuggle him! He IS very snuggly. As a matter of fact, sometimes he pretends to be asleep just so that you don't move him. LOL Lazy bones. 🙂

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