Sitter Stressin’

Logan is on his way to the sitter for the first time.  Right now.  He’s in the car with his Daddy on the way to her house.  We love her.  We’ve known her for years.  I know that he is in great hands with her.

He’s so little.  If I had my way, he’d stay home with me or with another family member until he was a year or two.  At that point, I feel like he will need the socialization.  He’s the only baby in the family.  All of my friend’s children are all at the YOUNGEST pre-teens.  He isn’t going to be around a lot of LITTLE ones.  Daycare will be good for him–for the socialization part of everything….when he’s a toddler.

He turned 5 weeks old Friday and he’s heading to a sitter.  It kills me.  Especially since I ran a Family Day Care for so long, and worked at a large center for a year as well.  I can’t help but think of all of the 234 children I’ve cared for and how I am in a position NOW where I can’t even do that for my own child.  Argh.

It’s awful.  I know he will be fine.  He’ll probably even love it.  But I’ll miss him like crazy.  I won’t get to see him at lunch break now.  I’ll say “goodbye” to him in the car every morning and I won’t see him until about 5:30 every evening.  Of course, I’ll only have a short time with him then….dinner, dishes, etc.  Corey will help me, this I know.

I just can’t help but feel my heart breaking…just a little.

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