Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

This is a phrase that I heard from my mother most of my life.  I understood it then as well as I understand it now.  However, I will follow this comment with a complaint.  Like it or not—that’s what is about to happen.  If this offends you, read no more.  Click the red “X” in the corner and come back another day. J

We have received a bounty in gifts for the baby.  There is no doubt that we have to be the most loved people in the world.  The support and love we have had throughout all of this has taken my breath away.  We have not had to buy a lot of things that we were worried about because everyone jumped in to help in any way that they could (understanding that we had very little “official” notice).

I admit that I do feel a little bad complaining.  I understand that people mean well.  I know that there was no ill will at ALL in anything we have received.  I never even thought that for one moment!

We have received more monkey clothes than I care to count.  It’s very funny because they are all the rage right now.  Monkeys are EVERYWHERE!  The toys and such do not bother me as much—I suppose because my child will not actually be WEARING them.  He will be playing with them and that is that.

I just see a little inappropriateness in two white people having a biracial baby (Cauc and AA) in public sporting a cute little monkey outfit.  It may be taken the wrong way…understandably.  We really do have to be careful about these things.  I wouldn’t want to be “those parents” that don’t understand the sensitivity of adopting a child of another race.  Not that I am one to particularly worry about what people think of me in regards to my beliefs, opinions or parenting skills.  My insecurities lie elsewhere.  But that’s another story for another day… 
I also know there are so many people against trans-racial adoption already.  I don’t want to give them any more ammo.  It may be a little far-fetched, but I’d like to think that someday, someone’s opinion may be swayed when they see how loved and how happy my child is in our family.  The monkey clothes—they sort of work against that.

Soooo…I hope that no one is offended when I take back that cute little outfit that you got the baby.  They are all adorable and most appreciated.  Some of the cutest baby clothes that we received have monkeys on them.  However, I hope this helps explain my reasoning a little….and I hope y’all understand.
We just can’t “do” monkeys. J

(Oh, and I promise to stop talking about Logan’s little “monkey toes” as well. I absolutely see the hypocrisy. *guilty* heh)

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