Adoption / Alternate Option

This process has been tedious.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions.  It  has been stressful and exhausting.  But when I look at Logan’s little face all of that doesn’t matter.  This is the life of an adoptive parent. 

One Week
Three Weeks

We all go through it.  Some adoptive parents wait 6 months and some wait 4 years (smile).  In the end, a struggling birth mother looking for a life plan for their baby finds the parents that are anxiously awaiting children of their own.  How can one say that is NOT a beautiful thing? 

Every day you hear about people placing their children for adoption.  Every day you hear about mothers wanting an “alternate plan” for their unborn child because they do not want to abort their baby.  I respect and admire this–kudos for choosing LIFE!  There are so many parents waiting–adoption is always an alternate option.

I am not completely anti-agency.  There are very good aspects of using an agency.  There is a certain security in going that route.  However, it’s just not for everyone.  It’s very, very expensive.  Most “middle class” families (and even “upper middle class”) cannot dish out $30-45K to adopt a child and still be able to provide the life that they want for that child and / or existing children.  every day mom’s and dad’s cry themselves to sleep because all that they want is a child.  And to think…most families do wish for at least two children.

That being said:  Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are the biggest sources of advertising that there are today.  Facebook alone can reach hundreds upon thousands of people within hours.  I have several GREAT friends and family members that are looking to adopt a child…yet they wait.

I am posting this in hopes that anyone who reads this and is considering adoption and/or abortion (but really doesn’t WANT to go that route) can contact me and I can try to put them into contact with some AMAZING parents and very loving families. 

Please post this to your profiles if you can.  It may just help fill the hole in someone’s heart and allow a baby to have the chance of life.

Thanks for your help!



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