And Then One Day the Clouds Lifted

It’s been over a month since we really received anything “solid” in regards to the baby.  That’s very hard to handle—especially when the baby could literally come at any time.  Yesterday we received a text message from the birth mother.  She said that the bio dad will be in town on Friday and that they would sign papers at that time. 

My stomach flipped and I nearly squealed.
This is very good news for us.  Of course, they still have 10 days from the time they sign these papers to file an appeal.  However, considering the situation, this isn’t something I am very worried about.  I truly believe that once they sign, they will not change their minds.  The biggest hurdle has always been the papers.  She will have another week before he is born.  She will have at the very most three days to file the appeal once he is in this world.
We do not have an official “due date” as of yet.  I think she is going to find out at her appointment this week.  We will have to wait and see.  It may be next week…it may be the week after.  His OFFICIAL due date is May 12th, so technically, it can be any time between now and then.  We are breathing a little better now.  We have to be sure to try to make an official “appointment” for them to meet with the attorney / notary.  Once that is done, we should be good to go.  (We ARE getting a paternity test, but that can be done at a later time.)
Here goes nothing.  I looked at my husband and said, “we are going to be parents”.  He said nothing.  But he smiled and wiped his eyes.  This is a very good day.

6 thoughts on “And Then One Day the Clouds Lifted

  1. GREAT news!!! I can't wait for his birth! How exciting. Why are you doing a paternity test? Unless your state requires it, I don't recommend it this early. If this guy signs off then it is done regardless of whether he is the biological father…atleast in TX that is the law.

  2. Thanks, Laurie! We are doing a paternity test so that there isn't a "surprise daddy" that shows up three years later? (That's the law in GA as well. He's assumed as father unless there is a doubt.)

  3. I am so happy for you all! (You, Corey, and the sweet little baby) I am sure that you and Corey will be wonderful parents. Congratulations!

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