We have a private adoption in place.  Possibly.  We’ve been through this once before.  That ended with huge heartbreak.  We are still thinking about a lot of things and considering all of our options. 

I think we are going to meet with the bio parents and see what happens.  We will have a lot of questions.  We will need to talk about many, many things.  We keep their bio kids from time to time, so it’s a little “different”.  We’ll need to know how they expect us to handle that.

We are so scared to try this again.  But if we say, “no”…we could be turning down our child.  Sigh.  How CAN we say “no”?  It’s just terrifying at the same time.

The biological parents are considering abortion.  They approached US directly because they know we are trying to adopt.  They don’t WANT to do the abortion.  Of course, if we decide against this, we will send them other options.  However, these things make me think that at this TIME they are serious.
Of course things can change.  They could decide that they can do this.  They have eleven kids between them.  They may say, “What’s one more?” and decide to keep the baby in the end.  Or, they may be completely set in giving this child to us.

Nothing in life is certain.  Of this I AM certain.  The fear of the unknown is always present in everything we do.  I realize that this is something that all adoptive parents go through.  But this is all too familiar.  We will always have a place in our heart for our Micah and what could have been.

Lots of praying will be happening in the next few days–lots and lotsss of praying.  I know that we will find peace with whatever decision we make.

Right now, it’s just about getting to that point.


One thought on “Decisions.

  1. Just know that your family supports you in any way. We love ya'll and will love any child that you will be adopting like it was your own and probably then some :). Remember we are always behind you and bubba 100% and praying for you too. Love you both bunches!!

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