From Two to Six? Perhaps!

We placed an inquiry today for a sibling group of four girls ages 12, 10, 8 and 5.  It’s hard to tell a lot from the initial profiles, but from what we can see they will fit really well into our family.  We typically have to wait for that information once the home study is evaluated.

I think I finished the inquiry at 1pm this afternoon and I had an email to my inbox by 6:30pm stating the name and phone number of the girls’ caseworker.  I was blown away.  The girls are in Texas and I’ve had good experiences with them so far, but I also know that Texas families will get priority in their adoption placement.

We initially were listed as 1-2 children but we were always open to other possibilities.  We didn’t expect to be so anxious about a sibling group of four, but I think it’s very promising that we are excited and not terrified.  I think we can do this.  WE think we can do this.  We thought in the beginning that four kids seemed to be overwhelming.  Now it seems just fine.  It’s funny how life changes you.

Now we just wait.  We wait and pray that this caseworker will see us for who we truly are and for how much love we can offer to these beautiful girls. ❤


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