Fundraising Failures

We had our first fundraiser this month.  I notified everyone in my email address book and posted it several times on Facebook.  I mentioned it again to my friends.  I posted a tear-off sign at my workplace. I had one order.  The one order that I did have came from someone that barely knows me.

I did have a personal gift sent to me in the mail from a very gracious family member.  I completely appreciate this, but in no way expected anyone to give that much.  I am totally grateful for that…please don’t get me wrong.  I just expected more people to respond. A few dollars here and there really does go a long way, after all.

I just thought things would go better.  Everyone knows how much we have been struggling with this and they know we are financially strapped in regards to this adoption.  I was very disappointed.

I wouldn’t expect people to order $50.00 worth of merchandise to help us out.  I just know that we always, always give when we can help someone else out—and have for many of them as well.  Not to mention the countless items we have ordered from kids’ fundraisers at school…. 

I don’t know.

I know that it’s probably wrong of me to say that I halfway expected this to go well.  But I did.  I have so much support from family and friends in other ways.  I just thought that I would have people signing up to give a few dollars.

We are not going to be able to come up with the money all on our own.  It’s crazy expensive no matter which way you go.  And at this point, I don’t think the foster adoption is going to be a path for us.  It’s just not working.

I am upset and I’m sure that from the outside looking in…it looks selfish.  I shouldn’t expect people to give us money for our child.  The economy is bad and everyone is strapped.  But when I see the money these same people throw away on silly things, I just can’t help it.  I’d give up a value meal to help out a friend or a family member to get a child.  

I’m very sorry if this offends anyone.  It wasn’t meant to be anything of the sort.  These are just words from my heart at this given moment.  This is a journal of our thoughts and emotions throughout this adoption.  And this is how I feel today.


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