A Breath of Fresh Air!

We placed an inquiry on another little girl (8 years old, adorable, long brown hair, big brown eyes, NC) this week.  Some may read this and say that this is foolish as we have two possible matches “in waiting”.  Say what you will, but at this point, we are not going to let anything pass us by.  If we have learned anything in this adventure it is to make three copies of all paperwork to not turn any possibility down because you never know what may happen. 
This incident has restored a little of my faith in the foster care system.  Read on…
We placed the inquiry Monday on adoptuskids.com.  We waited.  Typically, it is 1-2 weeks before we hear from the caseworker / site monitor.  Within the day, the little girl’s caseworker had responded.  She was asking for us to send our home study.  North Carolina is worker-to-worker only.  This means that we would need to have our caseworker send the study to her. 
I emailed our worker on Tuesday morning and asked her to send it to the little girl’s worker.  Wednesday evening she responded stating that she needed to know all of the information that I had for the caseworker in North Carolina (the caseworker for the little girl).  I’m really not sure why, but I sent this to her yesterday morning.  No response was sent yesterday, but I was giving her until today before I started asking if she had faxed it.
I received an email from the little girl’s caseworker this morning stating that she had seen our inquiry and had not received our home study yet.  She. Was. Writing. Us. To. Check. On. It. 
I almost fell out of my desk chair when I read the email at work this morning.  I even called my husband at work to share it with him.  Because, you know, if I say it aloud that means it actually happened.  We have NEVER had a caseworker call to see if our home study had been sent.  Ever.  It was so nice to see a caseworker that involved in a child’s case.  She seemed genuinely interested in us and was working proactively to get the information to find a home for that little girl. 
Our caseworker was contacted and the home study has finally been faxed.  Maybe we’ll hear something soon on this one, too.  We can hope!
KUDOS to North Carolina Department of Children’s Services.  Someone is doing something right. 
I wonder if she will consider moving to Georgia? J

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