Sometimes You Are Afraid to Say, "No".

We have checked our emails.  There was an email from our worker regarding a possible foster/adopt situation.  It was for a little girl.  She is about a year-and-a-half, African American, no delays, and about two hours or so from our house.  They are still looking for family, so we have no way of knowing if it could turn out to be an adoption situation or not.  BUT the possibility will be there. 

Okay so this means…we could take this little girl and then get the call that we have been selected to the other two.  Which would mean we would be forced to choose.  We suppose it would depend on where we were at with the toddler and her situation when this happens, but if we say, “no”, that could mean us losing out on all of them.  If we don’t take the foster/adopt child because of the two children in Florida, and that situation does not “pan through”, then we will have lost both opportunities.

You see the dilemma.  And now you know why we have gray hairs.  And occasional high blood pressure. It really is exciting!  When you have been waiting SO LONG for any  kind of response, and then you have two happening at the same time, you can’t complain about them at all.  

There are actually two more “possibles” lingering out there–we received a call about an 8 year old girl in South Carolina but we couldn’t make out the number. We had to resend the email.  Ohio has a 5 year old girl that we are waiting to hear about, but she is needing a lot of visitation.  We don’t know how feasible that will be for us. Occasional visits are one thing, but regular visitation may not be.  Ohio is a 10 hour drive away, after all.

Today is our final day of vacation and we are headed to a festival in a neighboring town.  It will be a sweet little ending to a great week.  Life is crazy!!!!! We have so much going on with the adoption and the house and general life insanity.  But you know what?  Life is pretty good.  Sometimes we get frustrated.  Hearing, “So sorry, not this time” and “We’ve already found a family for the child” about fifty times can do this to you, after all.  But all-in-all, our life is a good one.

Thanks for all of your support, as always.
Much love to you.

Corey and Melinda


One thought on “Sometimes You Are Afraid to Say, "No".

  1. how exciting… praying for u girl!! i know u will make a wonderful mother! im glad to see u had a great vacation… now its back to work, ive missed u!!! see u in the morning 🙂

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