Home Again, Home Again!

We have had a great vacation!

We left last Sunday for Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge, TN.  As always, we had a GREAT time.  It was very nice to just get away from all of the chaos of life for a while.  (We will post pictures on the other blog sometime this week.)  We saw lots of fun and wonderful things and went on lots of nature hikes and trails.  Most importantly…it was relaxing.  We both needed it so badly.  It’s been a crazy two years since we had a real getaway.  Last year we were in the process of a possible adoption situation (that fell through) and we were afraid to venture from home.  Here we are still going through the adoption drama AND buying at house at the same time.  Because that’s how we do things.

Daisy went with us on vacation and she absolutely LOVED it.  There weren’t many places that would allow dogs to hike, (apparently the dogs scare away the bears and people really want to see the bears) but we found a great little nook in the mountains with lots of big boulders and logs for her to explore.  We stayed there for probably an hour or two. There were a few places along the side of the road where she could get out and explore as well. She nearly wore her sniffer out. 🙂

We headed back home to Georgia on Thursday…stopping here and there along the way.  (There are a lot of really nice stops between here and Tennessee and Cherokee, NC is beautiful, BTW.)  We were about an hour from home when Melinda’s phone read that we had a voicemail.  It didn’t ring, but the signal is spotty through the mountains. 

We played the voicemail and it was the caseworker for the two kids in Florida! We had previously left several messages, but have yet to actually get her on the phone.  Our worker suggested that we sort of “hound” her until we do get her on the phone so that we stand out from the other 154 applicants.

Unfortunately, we only got her voicemail.  She didn’t answer back on Thursday, but it was the end of the day so we didn’t really expect her to respond.  Friday we called again and we received her voicemail yet again.  (Ugh! We think that she just screens all of her calls.)

She called back later Friday afternoon. She didn’t let me really say much–we think she was nervous to get into too much of a conversation herself.  (Hippa Laws make them afraid to say much of anything.)  She told us that we are still in the list of “possibles” for the kids.  She said that she has not chosen the “short list” yet, but that she hopes to very soon.  They were supposed to have already done this, but she stated she was swamped with work right now and really wants to devote a lot of time to reading the home studies thoroughly.  We respect that.  That’s a good thing.

She also looked through the home studies she had while we were on the phone and pulled ours out so that she could put a face with the voice.  I’m so glad she did that.  It makes me feel like she now has more familiarity with us.  Hopefully that will set us apart just a little from several of the studies.  We will just have to wait and see!


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