Meeting the Supervisor

Corey and I took a short day on Thursday to meet with our resource person and her supervisor.  The meeting went well all-in-all, but I’m not so sure it really moved us ahead in any way.  It was really the typical ’round and ’round we always hear. 

We did; however, find out ways to be in contact with caseworkers from other states more directly (loopholes and such).  This will help us as it seems that the only children that are going to be adoptable are more than likely going to be out-of-state inquiries.  Apparently our state does not have many children in placement, let alone for adoption.  They are going to a new “family preservation” method that will keep the children with relatives.  Even distant relatives–so long as they are related.  I suppose this helps with the amount of training and paperwork that the state needs.  Not to mention, the need for foster homes is significantly decreased to them going this route.

I think this should be a good thing.  But with less screening and training…they are opening the kids up to more chances at more frequent moves (and danger in some situations).  That is something that I have no control over.  I can’t focus on this right now anyway–once we have our children, perhaps I’ll be able to be more of an advocate.  Right now I have one focus:  our family.

We also are now being circulated weekly across the state.  This means that our profile and homestudy will go out across every county.  If a child or sib group comes up that we would qualify for, they will pull us for consideration.  The more your name and face is out there–the more likely your chances are of getting a child.  So we wait.

We have not heard back from the CW in Florida about Smiley and Sweetie.  We haven’t heard one way or the other, so I’m not sure if that is good news or bad news.  I’ve left several messages and sent a few emails.  I don’t think that they have decided just yet.

I know that they were reconsidering the adoption of Smiley with his sister.  They were thinking of holding off on his adoption until he is a little more ready.  This could be part of the reason for the delay.  The decision to separate them is a big decision for the caseworkers.  If they can find a family that is willing to take both of them, the family could take Sweetie until Smiley is ready.  Once he is ready to be placed, he would then join his sister. 

I hope that works out for them no matter where they go.

We have a few more inquiries that we are placing today.  I’ll be faxing them tomorrow.  At this point, we will just send them as we get the opportunity.  Sooner or later…this will work!


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