Biding Time

So tomorrow is the big day.  We meet with the resource person and the director tomorrow regarding the delays that we’ve had throughout this adventure.  I have to admit, I’m a little nervous.  I don’t know how escalated the conversation will get–or how detailed.  I have all of our paperwork in order.  We know where the delays were, I’m just hoping that these things aren’t swept under a rug and dismissed by the director.

I realize she will want to stand up for her employee.  But you know…when you are wrong, you are wrong.  Not that she’s been completely hopeless in this situation, but there does need to be some admission to gaps and loopholes and repeated information.  And repeated information.  And repeated information.

We sent the same paperwork countless times and explained what our restrictions were.  We told her what we would be willing to accept and what we would not.  We’ve said the same things 4 or 5 times.  I think that is the most infuriating thing of all.  Simply because these things have significantly delayed our child (or children) from coming home.

Hopefully things will go well.  Hopefully there will be a little “push” made to get things moving / prioritizing our case.  At this point we do need to be prioritized.  There is a stack of cases on someone’s desk awaiting for the “legal risk” kids to be placed?  We need to be at the top of that stack.  Of course, there are probably several other couples that are in the same boat as we are.  And they deserve to be placed as priority as well.
Maybe that’s the problem.  The “priority” list is overwhelming.  But would it be this way if there were backup and follow through and organization from the beginning?  I think not.

I just hope that when this is all said and sone, we are one step closer instead of sitting still.  That’s is our agenda tomorrow.  I don’t know what the agenda of the state is.  I think that is what makes me nervous. 

There is always a hidden agenda.

We will drive there tomorrow and say a little prayer.  A prayer for a clear mind, strength, and hope.  I know that our God will be with us.  He always is. ❤


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