Unclear Messages / Backpeddling

Our resource person with the county emailed us the day she spoke with Corey regarding the possibility of us taking the two children.  (Of course we said yes.  We don’t even know why she called about it as we’ve always been set up for 1-2 children.)

She told us that she had talked to the kids’ caseworker and that things were looking great.  She also said that the caseworker wanted to begin “the discussion process”.  To us, this meant that we had gone one step further.  I don’t know how else she expected us to take it.

That is how it works, after all.

  • The initial inquiry is placed.
  • If there is interest, a request for the homestudy is sent and the homestudy itself is faxed to the caseworker. 
  • The caseworker reviews and narrows it down.   
  • And then the discussion process begins with the parents. 
  • After this, the “board” meets to decide the elected adoptive family. (More discussion happens at this point, I’m sure.) 
  • Next begins the process of replacement of the children.

They can leave out certain steps of this process, but it typically is in this order.

Apparently, we weren’t as far as we had thought in the process.  The kids’ caseworker DID want to talk to us and “discuss” with us; however, what she wanted to talk to us about was the issue of the brother / sibling group.  Our resource person sent the email after she had already clarified this, so there really was not a need for further discussion (from the caseworker’s point of view).  Our resource person had it all wrong….

I called the caseworker and left a message Thursday.  She responded back in email format, stating that the kids’ family was to be chosen this week, but it has been postponed.  The response for these two children was so many that they are waiting another week to make the final decision.

 It’s not horrible news.  This does not meant that we will not be chosen, only that we weren’t as far as we initially thought.  Of course, that is what one would come to a conclusion of considering the circumstances. 

So we wait.

I know it is only one week.  But it’s only been one day since we’ve heard from the caseworker.  It seems like that was days ago.  It’s going to be a long week.

We are also in the process of buying a new home.  (You know, I like to take on all of the big things at one time.  You know, just to test my own patience. Heh.)  There are three homes we are really looking at and I love them all!  We should hear more on this shortly. 

Needlesstosay, I’m pretty stressed right now.  (Let’s not even bring up work…ugh.)  I think I’m handling it fairly well.  There have been brief moments of meltdowns, but all-in-all, I’m keeping it together. 

If this experience has taught me nothing else, it is teaching me GREAT stress management. I suppose it’s good prep for parenting. 🙂

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