Quite Possibly the Most Exciting Email of My Life (So Far…)

We received an email from our resource person this week.  This is sort of how it went.  I’ve deleted the caseworker’s name and blocked the kids’ names for privacy.  I also took a few things out that were a little more private–but this is the “just” of it.  I’m trying not to be excited just yet.  I’m failing miserably.

Melinda and Corey, 

The case manager in Florida for **** and ****, wishes to begin discussion with you about the children.  In consideration of your homestudy, this discussion is part of the process.  Feel free ask her questions.  She asked me to give you her email and phone number.  Please go ahead and contact her soon.

Call me if you have any questions.

This is the absolute furthest we have ever been.  We’ve emailed our questions to the caseworker and at this point, we just wait for her response and/or phone call.  It is almost surreal that we are here.  I hope we can keep moving this time!

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