News…of Sorts.

We have a new inquiry in on an 8 year old little girl from Georgia.  She is absolutely precious and from her profile, it seems she’d fit right in our little family.  Whoever it was that wrote the profile on the website did an excellent job in their description.  Not to mention that she is as cute as a button.  She’s another freckle-faced darling with gorgeous red hair and a crooked little smile. The inquiry was accepted, but of course still has to go through the matching processes. 

We’ve been through this so many times.  I think we are both beyond getting our hopes up, but are anxious to see what happens next.  I refuse to let this discourage us too badly.  I know there is a child (or children) out there waiting for us.  We can’t let this get us down. 

We were also told today that there is to be a matching conference at the end of October and that our profile will be taken to this conference by our CW.  This should be good news, as it is a conference between CW for parents waiting for kids and kids waiting for parents; however, it leaves us a little leary.  We hope and pray that the “case made” for us (in regards as who we are and what kind of parents we will be) is made clear by our CW to the other CW’s. 

That is all we can do, I suppose.  We will have no input into the conversation.  However, truthfullly…our homestudy paints a clear and pretty accurate description of who we are and what kind of parents we hope to become.  She will be taking that with her for the meeting. 

The decision has been made to meet with her before the conference.  I think this is best.  It will be good to air out all of the “issues” and she can go in with a clear picture of all of the expectations on all sides. 

Hopefully we will hear something before the conference in regards to the inquiry, but you never know.  These things can take a few weeks or a few months.  I know that I have “control issues”, but it is REALLY hard to leave your lives at the mercy of others. I should have the patience of Job and nerves of steel by the time this is all said and done.

Either that, or I’ll be humming incessantly while sporting a pretty white
jacket that allows me to hug myself. 


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