Hold Status for "Freckles"….

We received word on Freckles last week.  Apparently, she has some new behaviors that they are concerned about.  They have decided to put her on hold until the psychiatrist can re-evaluate and release her.  *sigh*

It just hurts my heart.  I have to say, we sort of fell in love with her.  Maybe it WAS the idea of her, maybe it was the sympathy we felt when reading her story, or maybe it was just something in her little eyes.  There was something that made us feel that this was going to happen this time.  Her caseworker had been in contact with ours, and this I think gave us a little more confidence that it was going somewhere.  This was the furthest we have ever traveled on this crazy road. 

Only to hit another stumbling block….

If they release her, they will be contacting us.  However, we do have another interest in for “Brown Eyes”.  She is in Texas and is 7 years old.  I asked or CW to email the homestudy and profile to her caseworker today.  I guess at this point, we take the opportunities as they come. 

How fortunate those of you are that can do this “naturally”.  That really is the easy way, you know.  🙂  There should be another update soon–hopefully we will hear back from our CW today or tomorrow.

Until then…


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