A Possible Match.

As I stated in the previous post, we have had several children of interest lately.  We’ve even had caseworkers contact us on children we haven’t inquired about, based upon our online profile at adoptuskids.com.  It’s so hard to look at any of the profiles and not feel for these kiddos.  I want to take them all in and give them all of the love that I feel this family has to offer.  O, if only I had a mansion with countless bedrooms and bathrooms for tens of children.  ๐Ÿ™‚

(This is also why Corey says I could never work for animal control.)

Our first possible match is a sibling group out of Oregon.  They are two beautiful little girls, ages 8 and 9.  They have been bounced more than any children should ever have to think about.  We are talking foster care to family to foster care to family to foster care to an ACTUAL adoption.  The adoptive family returned the girls just 10 days after they were put into the home. 

We are aware of some behavioral issues that exist with one of the girls.  We are still inquiring about how extreme the behavior is.  The truth is, we don’t know every reason that they have bounced.  They could have been moved for several reasons and we can’t assume they were all because of the behavior.  We only know that was the reason for their failed adoption.  Sometimes potential adoptive parents don’t have a true “reality” of what they could be walking into, for various reasons.

There is a level that we believe we will be able to tolerate and / or cope with that we set up for ourselves early on in our foster care endeavor.  We will just have to wait and see.  We are currently awaiting more information.

I know many are concerned about these things after reading their profile online.  We don’t blame you at all and appreciate every ounce of concern, and we do appreciate the feedback.  We also don’t want to become too discouraged. 

These were the things we knew we would be walking into (to some extent) when we decided to adopt from foster care.  And you know, we could really have had these road blocks with our biological children.  We’d have no choice but to handle it in that situation.  In this situation, we just know about it beforehand. 

We hear horror stories of adoptions gone wrong and CPS holding out information from possible adoptive parents.  Yes, it frightens us a little too.  We’d be lying to say it didn’t make us a tad nervous.  But I really do feel that we are very, very comfortable in knowing what we can or cannot be faced with.

I also know that there are days when we are going to want to run away.  We are going to feel like ripping every hair from our head from time to time.  But you know…I remember my mother feeling that way too sometimes.  And I wasn’t a foster child.  I think all parents (even the absolute best-of-the-best) feel that way on occasion.  If anyone tells you differently, they are lying out of their….well you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

We will keep the blog posted.  We can’t give a lot of details online, due to the privacy of the girls, but I will definitely at least respond with if it was good news or bad news that we receive from their caseworker.

Thanks again for all of the love.
We feel it surrounding us every single day.


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