I Just May Fall Over Dead Tonight.

We received our finalization tonight!  We are signed, certified, approved, and bona fide. We have to have a meeting with a representative at DFCS regarding reimbursement and per diem fees, but after that we could get a call at any time.

It’s almost surreal. Looking back, I can’t even believe I held out for so long. I guess I’m getting more patient in my old age. (??) Nah…it’s sheer determination, don’t you worry.

So here we go. A new path in a beautiful life. I have an amazing husband, a great family that came along with him, great strides on my own family, and some pretty wonderful friends to boot. I guess I can’t complain. Having a child to call our own will be the icing on the cake.

We have decided to go strictly foster care. We DO still have the ultimate goal of adoption. 80% of all children adopted from the state are from foster care. The adoption ONLY route has a 5-7 year wait. I don’t want to JUST starting motherhood at 40. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just don’t think I’d personally have the energy. You cannot sign up for both options, so we truly believe this is our best bet in a successful adoption.

Besides, this also qualifies us for children that are “waiting”. In other words, whose parents have already had their rights terminated. They can match our profile with theirs to find a good match. It’s all very calculated and foreign to us, but we’ll figure it out…one hurdle at a time.

This, however, is one huge hurdle behind us. Here we go!


2 thoughts on “I Just May Fall Over Dead Tonight.

  1. I am sorry that my earlier comment did not go through.I am so happy for you and Corey! The two of you will be wonderful parents and an awesome influence on the children you bring into your home, either to foster or to adopt.My life has been blessed by knowing you, Melinda!If ya'll need anything, let me know.Love you!

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