Knocking that Wall Down Brick by Brick

Bad news can also mean good news, sometimes…right?

It turns out that Sue isn’t able to help us the way we had planned. This means we were delayed a little further and had to front the money. We were pretty bummed at first–who knew when we’d have the money to pay for the inspection. (?)

But THEN (!) the Benny Card (ugh) situation was taken care of and all itemized bills “necessary” and submitted were approved and our cards were FINALLY reactivated. We can now use that money from the physicals (once compensated by DFCS) to pay for the septic tank lady! At least the Benny Card situation proved to be good for something.

A few words for the wise: Rethink flexible spending plans.

I wonder how long it will take for DFCS to compensate for the expenditures? We’ll see. We’re getting closer. Someday our kids will hear allllll about the chaos and pain and struggle and heartache that we had to go through to get them here.

Hey, don’t point fingers!

It’s no different than the, “I was in labor for 24 hours with you, Missy” lectures that parents are all too fond of, right?  I didn’t think so. 🙂

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