Saved by the Septic Tank Lady.

Corey talked with Sue today. Sue, the septic tank lady, that is. I don’t know her real title…but that’s what she is. Sue the Septic Tank Lady. She may very well be on my bestie’s list when this is all said and done.

Sue is going to check the records that they already have at her offices. Apparently, an inspection was completed on the property (somewhat) recently. Or they have the original inspection records from when the house was built. Since it’s not that old of a house, they can use those. (??) It was something like that. Okay, so I didn’t get all of the specifics.

I can only report from what Corey told me of their conversation. Of course, he was watching “Fifth Grader” when we were talking about it and I’m 90% sure there were a few things he left out. You know, we can’t have him missing a question and all.

What all of this “blah, blah, blah” really means is that we don’t think that their office is going to make us have a formal “inspection”. DFCS will need the approval, but Sue says she will get that for us as long as they still have some kind of record. She’s pretty sure that they do.

Right now we are just waiting to hear back from her. This step may be a little less painful than we originally thought.  I hope, I hope.

It’s good to hear good news once in a while. God knows we are due some. We may have children around the first of the year after all. đŸ™‚ And, and, and…they can play “Fifth Grader” with my husband.


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