Light? Tunnel?

Post from Melinda:

Well. (Oh, the weight of one word!)  We thought we were completely finished with the homestudy.  I suppose this is what we get for thinking. Apparently, when the CW’s supervisor went back through her paperwork, she found some things. It turns out that there are a “few holes”.

*rolls eyes/moans and groans/mumbles and rips her hair out*

I had to submit addresses from the two other states I had lived in so that they could do checks in those states as well. I understand that they need to be thorough. But come on. We’ve been going through this for how long? This is just NOW coming up?

We also found out during all of this that we need to have someone come to our house and inspect our septic tank. Which (again) should have been done a long time ago. However, we were told in IMPACT that if we were not on a well this wouldn’t be necessary. But it turns out that it IS necessary. This also is an expense that has to come out of our pocket. Granted, it will be reimbursed. Regardless, we still have to front that money. It’s money we do not have at this moment due to problems with the Lexus (I’ll spare you those details). SO THAT MEANS that we are on hold until we can come up with the money to have this inspection.

I’m trying to be positive. I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m tryingggg. It’s just beginning to look like we’ll never get anywhere with this. 😦

If this is teaching us anything, it’s teaching us patience. Either that or it’s going to give us ulcers and high blood pressure. (Googles stress management)

Oh yes! One last thought: PLEASE let me know if any of you want to get rid of your kids’ old toys after the holidays. We’ll be more than willing to take some of those off of your hands! We need all of the help we can get. We really don’t have much just yet. (Call me and let me know what you’d want for them–if you don’t have my number…message me on facebook.)

Keep those positive thoughts coming–we are almost there. 🙂



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