UPDATE! (I’ll be better about this, I promise.)

Wow. So much has happened since the last post. Corey and I have had some serious ups and downs in the last couple of months, that’s for sure. We WERE assigned a narrative. FINALLY. She said that the delay was funding. I’m sure that was some of it. I’m also sure there were other reasons as well.

We were assigned Dorothy Blocker as the person to do our narrative. I don’t mind saying her real name. She doesn’t work for DFCS–she is an independent contractor and she is WONDERFUL! I absolutely loved her. She should do this forever. She makes you feel really comfortable and is very understanding and open minded. I can’t say enough good things about her.

We had two meetings with her totalling six hours. It seems like a LONG time but we really enjoyed Dorothy, so it didn’t seem like that at all. Everything looked to be on the upward spiral. Dorothy said that they were pushing her to hurry up and get the narrative written–as though they may have children waiting that they think would fit in well in our family.

We didn’t hear from DFCS until just last week. (The narrative was completed on Aug 27th and Dorothy said she’d have it written by Sept 10th–two weeks.) Corey received a call while he was working. It was CW–she has lost some paperwork AGAIN. She also needs new copies of our insurance cards as the ones she has are expired.

Of course they are. They were originally submitted longggg ago.

As if I weren’t already pretty annoyed about this (this is the FOURTH time we have turned some of these things in–the THIRD on the rest of the paperwork) when I saw that she had sent a letter as well.

I’ve also made a stack of copies. So! The next time you call–we’ll just mail you another set. I’ve copied every single thing per their list and I’m mailing it all to her the next time she loses something. Call me what you will, but I’m tired of the schenanigans.

Needless-to-say, there is frustration. It’s all taking a toll on us. It’s been a LONG road. That’s all I have to say about that. šŸ™‚



One thought on “UPDATE! (I’ll be better about this, I promise.)

  1. Hey Melinda! Thanks for posting an update. I was wondering how you have been doing. Call or message me if you EVER need anything! I will keep you in my prayers! love, Lisa

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