July is the month that we will FINALLY have everything together. We are nearly there. I have a final appointment on the 15th of this month to have my drug screen completed. Once this is done, I believe we are done with the 483290842309 pages of initial paperwork.

We then have to make an appointment with “Matilda” to do our interview portion of the homestudy. After that…I’m really not sure what happens. I imagine there is a “run through” of what happens when you get a call and that’s that. They call you when they have an available child. It’s all so odd.

I think that I speak for the both of us when I say we are nervous. But we also know that this is the only chance we have for a child. We just cannot afford the alternative. It still blows my mind at how crazy expensive adoption is–especially when you consider the number of children without homes.

We are going to make it clear that we are in this for an end result of adoption. We will foster a couple of times…but really we want to end this with a child (or two) of our own. Once our homestudy is approved, we can begin placing inquiries about children we place online. Evidently there are also “look through” books at the DFCS building with “available children”.

There’s been a few children / sibling groups we’ve been quite interested in; however, until our homestudy is complete, they will not disclose much information to us. But we only have a little longer. I didn’t believe when we started all of this that it would take an entire year as they stated. A few months in, I truly did see how it takes that long. It’s going to be just under that for us.

It’s all going to be worth it in the end…we just have to keep telling ourselves that. 🙂

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