Waiting Game

We’ve decided to not inquire about any other children until we see what happens with the foster care situation. This is all so crazy….

Our CW emailed us back stating that there have been some issues with the little girl we were asking about and she’s not eligible right now.

She let us know that the little boy has some behavioral issues which she can discuss with us when our homestudy is complete; however, he must be the only child in the home. We definitely want two children at least, so we don’t know that this will work for us either. And we are just starting…we don’t want to limit ourselves just as of yet.

We get the pets vaccinated next week and the TB tests will be completed then as well. At that point we will be ready for our interview part of the homestudy. The CW somehow found Corey’s birth certificate and the other reference (I’m sure she really has many more forms than she thinks she does but has misplaced many things).

I’ll just be glad once our homestudy is approved and we have more options. I SO wish we could afford to just adopt independently. I guess I’ll never understand why it’s so expensive….especially when many of those kids are being raised in cramped orphanages.

“This world is a racket”, as my Gail would say.
This world IS a racket, Gail.


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