Inquiry Answered

Well it only took under a month for DFCS to contact us regarding our inquiry from the adoption conference…barely. This may be a new record! 😉 Yesterday I received something from our CW about the two children we requested more information on during the conference.

Last we had heard, the 11 year old girl had a family member interested. Maybe that fell through…or maybe they are just planning a back-up plan, we really don’t know just yet. Our contact at DFCS sent us an email yesterday asking what kind of information we’d like to know from the children’s caseworkers.

The little boy had a lady following him around like a puppy at the conference. I wonder what happened with that. Perhaps she wasn’t a match or maybe they are exploring options for him as well. We pretty much just have to wait on the response from DFCS……..

There’s another conference today in Dalton that we won’t be going to. We’ve been receiving emails, but I don’t know that we will go to another one until we have done the “fostering thing” for a while. I think we may be surprised at how many “possible adoptions” we’ll get from that. Perhaps we’ll just wait and see what happens.

This is proving to be a real challenge for me (Melinda). I’m more of a planner by nature. Not knowing when or how or what age of child we will be getting is difficult. One day at a time…one day at a time. 🙂

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