Slacker with a Reason

What a flipping whirlwind of emotions this has all been and unfortunately it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. But I’m not going to regret one second of it in the end. I’m tired and my nerves are completely frazzled, but when this is all said and done and we are holding our precious son in our arms…it will be more than worth everything that Corey and I have been through. This I know.

I’m surprised I haven’t flipped my lid as of yet. The “planner” part of me is going a little bonkers. All of this “wait and see” crap is for the birds. People like me just cannot handle spur of the moment answers / reactions. I’m learning to deal. My husband is more laid back than I thought was humanly possible, so that’s helping. He’s keeping me grounded. That’s what he’s calling it anyway. I prefer “borderline comatose”.

We are now awaiting word from the babies’ father since there are a very limited amount of people (3) that are able to visit the mother in jail. Once we receive the “okay” to go ahead and proceed with everything (as if she really has much of a choice now) we will begin gathering funding for our attorney. (Translation: begging the bank for a loan.)

I’ll be so glad when this is over.

Keep us in your thoughts. We need all of the strength (and patience) that we can handle. We have a long way to go in a short amount of time.

Those of you who know me understand what a huge feat this is for me. If I drag myself into work and I am wearing two different shoes, or if you pass me on the highway and I’m driving just over the minimum speed limit…you will know why.
Just brush it off and tell me about it in two months. I’ll be able to handle it then without breaking into tears or ripping you a new one.

Lots of love,


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