Third Times a Charm? (I hope, I hope)

For those of you who do not know as of yet…

Corey and I should (if everything goes as planned) be proud parents of a bouncing baby boy in about SEVEN WEEKS!!!!

I know, right? Seven weeks. Do you KNOW how quickly that can go by? Think back to the week of March 16th…St. Patrick’s Day for all of you that celebrate. THAT was six weeks ago. Just to give you an idea–this is how long we have to prepare for a newborn baby.

We have a stroller and a car seat from my momma (South Carolina Momma, that is). We also are going to have a crib lined up that my friend Ivy is going to let us have. But lo, this is all we have.

Oh yes, and I hit a yard sale Saturday and snagged some clothes and blankets.
I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how crazy excited / nervous / thrilled / happy / excited / nervous / scared / happy / thrilled I am. I’ve wanted this literally my entire life. I can’t even believe it’s happening.

Really the only thing that could go wrong at this point is that the state step in and take the mother to jail (yes, jail) and if the baby were then born before the paperwork went through. The state would then take the baby into their care and that could be harder.

But we are going to go Monday to talk to the attorney. Hopefully he says he can get this going very quickly. (The baby could come early and then…let’s not think about that.) My friend Nia told me to claim that baby and THAT is exacly what I’m doing. 🙂

We know the paternal grandmother of the baby personally and I’m pretty sure that will help us. She will be pushing for her son and the baby’s mother to get on the ball if they start slacking.

We have so much to do that it’s insane and I think the stress is building up in both myself and Corey. Once he talks to his attorney friend Monday we should know more…and that will help ease the tension, I’m sure. I’m keeping as positive an outlook as I can.

This is our third try for a child. We really want this to go through–I feel very good about this situation. The only concern is the baby’s health. We don’t know what the baby has been exposed to.. I suppose you can only hope for the best. We know that drugs have been involved, but we also know that as of 24 weeks into her pregnancy he was still very healthy.

We are remaining positive about it. Her other kids are all very healthy. If we adopted from foster care, we would be having to combat this kind of issue anyway…or several other issues/problems. We just keep praying for good health. We have faith that whatever happens we will be able to handle it and that God will help us through it. We could have been facing some kind of medical issues if we actually were able to birth our own child. You never know.

There is so much to do in so little time–bear with me and keep this in mind if y’all don’t hear from me much…I’m busy preparing our home and our lives for another little person!!!!! 🙂



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